About us

Sergio Carfagna, this is my life

The history of my farm has distant roots when in the early 1900s my grandparents bought the land where my structure stands today and where I still carry out my business.
Over the years these hectares, 600 meters away from the Basilica of San Francesco di Assisi, were the scene of many activities: not only agricultural but also a meeting place for the locals, and for almost a decade, the warehouses built by my parents were used by the parishioners of San Pietro to build the allegorical floats of the Assisano carnival. At the end of the 80s, the management of the land passed into my hands.
Initially, I only built a bed and breakfast farmhouse where to find a real contact with nature, then the love for horses (handed down by my grandfather Santino), the passion for nature and constant dedication to work pushed me to give life to a stable of horses where, in the span of over 30 years of activity, I can say with great pride, that I have given birth to many foals that have become excellent multi-decorated trotting horses.
It is here, in these 16 hectares of land where all our specimens can graze freely.
It is here that in 2004 we had the honor of having the best horse and the best mare of the year in the stable: Iglesias and Irina. This is where the famous white horse, Via Lattea, was born, at the time the only albino specimen in the world, which in addition to being endowed with extraordinary beauty, has achieved many victories over the years both in Europe and in the United States.
In this place, there is my whole life, my history, my sacrifices, my passion for horses, born thanks to the sacrifices of my parents and the teachings of my grandfather Santino.
I am waiting for you, in the wonderful Assisi, home of St. Francis and the green heart of Umbria, to let you discover the extraordinary beauty of my land.